New company Krater offers rigs built with Avalon ASICs either from its stock or yours

Krater, a new bitcoin mining rig builder, is offering a clone of the Avalon ASIC mining rig. Krater says it has purchased 10,000 Avalon ASIC chips and plans to build (to order) rigs with up to 320 chips in each that could reach a theoretical high of 90 giga-hashes per second (Ghps). If you have already purchased some Avalon ASICs, Krater will still build the rig for you.

In its FAQ, Krater describes itself as:
We are just three normal guys from Ohio. Combined, we have corporate developer experience, small business ownership experience, and component level electronics.
We know there are plenty of people who are essentially scammers in the bitcoin community. We wanted to prove our concept before we introduced ourselves.

The design of the Krater Miner is a modified version of what Avalon already produces. As you can see, the prototype in the demonstration video below is built on a flat board. Fear not, though, Krater says the final model will be shipping a professionally made aluminium case.